Your Ultimate Guide to Towing Vintage Cars Without Damaging Them

A vintage FORD car in a good condition

Towing a vintage car or a classic vehicle can be challenging. You wouldn’t want to compromise its physical and functional appeal and structural integrity.

Vintage or antique car towing and transportation services allow owners and dealers to safely transport vehicles from one place to another. In this detailed guide, our specialty towing team has highlighted expert tips for safely moving a vintage car without damaging it.

Choose a Reliable Antique Car or Specialty Towing Company

First things first, transporting an antique vehicle by yourself can lead to permanent and costly damage. Your main priority should be to find an experienced towing services provider in the area. You can research various companies online or ask friends, family, or colleagues if they have experience working with one.  

Try to pick a company equipped with the right type of tow trucks and personnel that is fit for the task.

Inspect Your Vintage Car Before the Move

Take a detailed look at your antique vehicle’s physical structure and components before towing it. A good way to ensure pre and post-towing conditions is to take pictures without missing out on imperfections.

Once your vintage car is towed to the desired location, examine the car once again, and pay when you’re fully satisfied.

Choose Between the Right Tow Trucks Suitable for Towing a Vintage Car

You don’t have to worry if you have a reliable and experienced towing company onboard. However, it’s good to have some basic know-how about the towing trucks to know that the team is using the right one.

At Fast 5 Towing, we advise against using front-end lift methods for towing a vintage car. These vehicles are delicate and more vulnerable to physical damage. Another option is using a flatbed tow truck, which is usually discouraged. A flatbed tow truck doesn’t have a roof, and your vintage car will be exposed while on the road.

So what’s the best option for moving a vintage or antique vehicle?

We strongly recommend you choose a closed truck towing. It’s ideal for protecting the vehicle during the move. You won’t have to worry about potential damage from flying rocks, dust, and debris. Plus, an expert towing team will secure your vehicle with soft nylon wraps and straps to mitigate any chance of damage.

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