Common Types of Towing Damages and How to Avoid Them

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Towing a vehicle is not an easy job. It requires training, in-depth knowledge, and a strong grasp of towing best practices. You must know how to choose and assess a towing company’s expertise, as its quality, customer service, and expertise can make or break your vehicle’s safety.

In this blog, towing experts in Goodyear have talked about the hazards of hiring an unprofessional towing company. Let’s explore them in detail.

Poor Timeliness

An unreliable and untrained towing team will never arrive on time. They’re either late to assist their clients or are not equipped to handle certain types of vehicles. Not reaching vulnerable and stranded drivers on time is a major red flag and indicates unprofessionalism. It can lead to severe car damage and may also make drivers highly prone to roadside towing hazards such as collisions and injuries.

Navigational Problems

A regular driver finds it difficult to navigate and maneuver on bumpy and pot holey roads. Imagine how problematic it would be for a tow truck driver carrying a heavy object.

A tow truck driver’s ability to navigate the routes when moving a car, van, truck or a specialty vehicle is a key factor that speaks volumes about their expertise. They must be experts at navigation during remote and long-distance towing with icy, slippery, or rough roads.

Weather Hazards

Sudden weather changes are another key hazard that may compromise your vehicle’s safety while it is being towed from one spot to another. Tow truck drivers must be extremely cautious and focused when driving in bad weather as it can cause damage to the loaded vehicles.

Driving Skills

Experts, however, recommend tow truck drivers avoid driving in bad weather as they can cause vision obstructions, blind spot collisions, and dangerous road conditions.

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It’s a no-brainer that tow truck and trailer drivers need to have apt and robust driving skills. They must have a strong grip on driving fundamentals and must possess the right permits and certifications.

Towing companies must avoid common towing damages by hiring fully vetted, trained, and certified towing personnel who can handle simple to complex towing tasks without compromising client and vehicle safety.

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