Heavy Duty Towing Services

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Heavy Duty Towing Services

Heavy Duty Towing

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Fast 5 Towing offers tow services for all truck classifications.

What Are Truck Classifications?
Truck classifications are based on the gross vehicle rating or GVWR of the vehicle. In total, there are eight different group classes.

Light-duty vehicle Services Offered
Medium-duty vehicle Services Offered
Heavy-duty vehicle Services Offered

Fast 5 Towing offers tow services for Heavy Duty truck classifications.

Heavy Duty Towing Classifications

Heavy-duty vehicles include vehicles such as dump trucks, garbage trucks, semi-trailers, tractor-trailers, and other heavy-duty vehicles, including machinery. All of these vehicles require some serious equipment and heavy duty towing. For example, heavy-duty trucks fitted with 25-ton boom lifts, winches, 6-ton wheel lifts, and even rotators.

When heavy vehicles are involved in an accident, heavy-duty vehicles are required to help recover vehicles, often having to lift the entire weight of these vehicles.

Fast 5 Towing are Heavy Duty Towing experts! Get in touch with us for heavy duty towing services in Glendale.