The Most Popular Types of Towing Trucks and Their Applications

A illustration showing a flatbed tow truck

America’s towing industry is growing by the day, and thanks to advanced tow trucks and equipment, companies can offer safer and more efficient towing services.

Tow trucks are important for various reasons. They don’t just help move disabled and damaged vehicles from one place to another. Law enforcers use tow trucks to move legally impounded vehicles; construction workers may use them to move heavy-duty equipment and material.

However, a tow truck is never a one-size-fits-all vehicle. Continue reading to learn about the four most popular types of tow trucks and their applications.

1. Flatbed Tow Truck

Flatbed tow trucks are probably the industry’s most commonly used tow trucks. They consist of a long, empty, flat bed-like structure attached to their rear end. Sometimes also referred to as a rollback tow truck, flatbeds are mostly used for transporting damaged vehicles and equipment. These tow trucks may not be the best option for moving functional, expensive vehicles.

A tow truck transporting a car

2. Integrated Tow Truck

Not sure which tow truck is the most suitable for long-distance and complex towing? Integrated tow trucks might be a great option.

Known for their superior hydraulic strength, sturdy axles, and stability, integrated tow trucks are the perfect option for safer towing operations. They can be used to move medium to large vehicles without causing any damage to the load.

Integrated tow trucks are designed with an embedded arm fixed in the truck’s center that can firmly lift, load, move, and unload rigs, heavy-duty cars and vans, mobile homes, and more! At Fast 5 Towing, you can talk to our towing services provider in Glendale about your requirements, and we’ll customize a plan with the right type of tow truck, accurate price quotation, and more.

3. Hook and Chain Tow Truck

You must’ve come across a tow truck pulling a vehicle with a hook at its end. This is the oldest method of towing and is still applicable. However, ropes were used instead of hooks to suspend a vehicle for towing.

Hook and chain tow trucks are commonly used for short-distance towing as they may exert excessive pressure on the load and cause physical damage.

4. Boom Tow Truck

Boom tow trucks are similar to small, mobile cranes. Instead of ropes or chains, they feature a long hydraulic arm called a boom connected to a hook and chain mechanism. The hydraulic boom can expand and contract according to a limited radius.

Boom tow trucks are perfect for moving and towing heavy-duty vehicles. They’re also ideal for rescue towing in rough terrains and ditches.

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