Distracted Drivers—How to Avoid Them and Not Become One Yourself

Drinking or using a phone when driving distracts you physically and cognitively. It makes you a significant threat to your safety and others on the road.

Distracted drivers are a major safety hazard on the road. Not only must you try to avoid them at all costs but also not become one yourself. In this blog, our towing service providers in Glendale have discussed some expert tips to help you stay safe on the road.

Don’t Drive If You Don’t Feel Well

Cell phones and drinks aren’t the only cause of distraction on the road. You may also lose focus due to a health issue. It’s wise to avoid driving if you feel drowsy, unwell, or weak. Data shows that more than 37% of drivers in the US accept that they’ve accidentally fallen asleep behind the wheel.

Do not try to reach your destination faster by driving in a drowsy or sleepy state.

Model Good Driving Behavior

This tip is excellent for avoiding distracted drivers on the road while keeping your driving habits in check. Channeling good and safe driving habits isn’t just beneficial to you and your vehicle. It also helps you stay in your lane and avoid rash drivers on the way. Avoid eating, grooming, calling, or multitasking in the car to maintain a complete focus on the road.

Practicing safe driving habits also teaches your kids and passengers about the significance of road safety.

A tow truck transporting a damaged car

Keep Contact Details of a Roadside Assistance Company Handy

Roadside emergencies are inevitable. Even if you’re on your best driving behavior, a distracted driver can cause damage. In such cases, you must have immediate access to a reliable towing and roadside assistance company in the area.

At Fast 5 Towing, we offer quick, efficient, and affordable car and truck towing services, roadside assistance, and on-spot tire changes to help drivers stay safe on the road.

Road Accidents and Distracted Driving—Is There a Connection?

The answer is simple: distracted driving makes you more prone to road accidents. NHTSA reports that almost 13% of the total accidents caused by distracted driving are fatal. In 2020, over 400 people were killed in car crashes caused by distracted driving.

Moreover, this practice not just leads to driver injuries and deaths. It can also hurt cyclists, pedestrians, and other drivers.

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