What to Do in an Emergency Towing Situation

Towing experts moving a car with a dead battery

Roadside emergencies can cause a lot of stress, especially if one occurs in a remote area where you cannot find help easily. From vehicle accidents to breakdowns, any type of roadside emergency can be overwhelming, scary, and sometimes quite annoying. This is when you should consider calling an emergency towing company right away.

It’s not wise to leave your car stranded on the roadside or try to bring it back to life yourself. In addition to towing assistance, there are a few expert tips that can help you in such situations to prevent further vehicle damage and nuisance.

Here’s what you should do while you wait for emergency towing assistance:

Make Your Vehicle and Yourself Visible

This tip is especially useful for drivers stranded on roadsides with heavy traffic. You must avoid getting hit by another vehicle while waiting for towing assistance. Make yourself and your car as visible as possible to alert other drivers on the road. Turn on your car’s hazard lights immediately and, if possible, pull over to the side and pull the emergency brakes.

Once you’re done, call your emergency towing service again to know an ETA or contact a medical services provider if you’ve been hurt.  

Stay Calm and Think Clearly

You may feel anxious and extremely worried during a roadside emergency. While it may not be possible for you to stay fully relaxed for obvious reasons, you should try to keep your emotions in check to make clear and helpful decisions without panicking.

A good way to calm your nerves is to step back, inhale and exhale a few times with your eyes closed. Don’t let your judgment get clouded by fear and anxiety, as it may hinder you from taking the right steps. You may call a loved one and talk to them to feel at ease.

Inspect Your Car

We recommend you inspect your vehicle after it breaks down. It’s important to assess whether a flat tire was the main reason or if there are any underlying problems. You may use your car safety kit and change a tire yourself. However, don’t try to fix a flat tire, a dead battery, or malfunctioning brakes without proper knowledge. You may harm yourself in the process or worsen your car’s issue, leading to greater damage.  

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Wait for Your Towing Company

It’s important to stay patient while you wait for your towing service provider. Stay on the roadside or sit inside your car with the hazard lights on at all times and avoid leaving your car unattended.

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