Understanding Different Types of Towing From Flatbeds to Wheel Lifts

An old car on a tow truck

When it comes to roadside assistance and vehicle towing, it’s essential to understand the different types of towing methods available.

This is because leading towing services in the Glendale area, such as Fast 5 Towing, provide various options to cater to different needs and circumstances. Each method serves a specific purpose, from car towing to special vehicle towing.

Today’s blog will explore the most common types of vehicle towing and their applications.

Flatbed Towing

Flatbed towing is one of the most widely used and versatile methods. It involves a tow truck equipped with a flatbed that can be hydraulically inclined and lowered to the ground. This allows vehicles to be loaded and securely placed onto the flatbed, making sure that they remain safe during their transportation.

Flatbed towing is mostly preferred for long-distance towing, luxury vehicles, or tow vehicles with severe damage that should not be dragged or lifted.

Wheel Lift Towing

Wheel lift towing is a comparatively affordable and economical option that utilizes a tow truck with a hydraulic system. The truck’s arm is placed under the front or rear wheels of the vehicle, which requires towing and lifting it off the ground. This method is commonly used for shorter distances and is suitable for vehicles that are not heavily damaged. Wheel lift towing is quicker and can navigate tight spaces more easily than flatbed towing.

A vintage car on a flatbed truck

Heavy-Duty Towing

Heavy-duty towing is specifically designed for larger vehicles such as buses, trucks, and RVs. These vehicles often require specialized equipment and tow trucks capable of handling their weight.

Heavy-duty towing services employ powerful tow trucks equipped with heavy-duty rigging and winches to efficiently transport larger vehicles. Whether it’s a breakdown on the highway or a stranded truck in remote areas, heavy-duty towing makes sure of the safe removal of these vehicles.

 A car getting towed

Medium-Duty Towing

Medium-duty towing lies between flatbed and heavy-duty towing. It is suitable for vehicles that are larger than regular cars but smaller than heavy-duty vehicles. Examples of medium-duty vehicles include mini RVs, small trucks, and vans. Tow trucks used for medium-duty towing are equipped with features that can handle the weight and size of these vehicles conveniently.

Special Vehicle Towing

Special vehicle towing includes the transportation of motorcycles, golf carts, boats, and jet skis. Towing services employ specialized equipment, such as boat trailers, to ensure that these vehicles’ transportation is safe and secure. It’s crucial to rely on experienced tow truck operators who understand the specific requirements of special vehicle towing to avoid any damage during transport

A special vehicle towing for boat

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Whenever you find yourself in need of emergency towing, understanding the different types of towing methods will help you make an informed decision.

Moreover, in any towing situation, it’s essential to contact a reliable and reputable towing service such as Fast 5 Towing. Our professional tow truck operators have the necessary knowledge, years of experience, and tools to offer you the most appropriate towing method while keeping your vehicle’s safety in mind.

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