Protecting All-Wheel Drive and 4×4 Vehicles: The Benefits of Flatbed Towing

A 4x4 vehicle

Flatbed towing services are incredibly versatile and useful for various applications. From safely transporting industrial equipment and vintage cars to moving heavy 4×4 vehicles, flatbeds can do it all. But when choosing an All-Wheel Drive or 4×4 towing service, you must understand the critical safety practices to preserve your vehicle’s performance and structural integrity.

In this post, we’ve discussed the benefits of flatbed towing for 4×4 vehicles and its intricate safety considerations.

Suspension Damage Prevention

AWD and 4×4 vehicles usually have very robust and sensitive suspension systems, which must be protected to ensure driving safety and engine performance. Improper towing can damage your vehicle’s suspension due to misalignment.

 A flatbed tow truck with a 4x4 vehicle

On the contrary, flatbed towing can reduce the pressure and impact on a 4×4’s suspension by keeping the vehicle stable and stationary throughout the move. This ultimately helps you prevent post-towing complications and wear and tear risks.

Safeguarding Drivetrains

Flatbed towing’s capacity to maintain the integrity of their intricate drivetrain systems is highly beneficial for AWD and 4×4 drivers. With adequate friction, flatbed trucks rest all four wheels on a balanced surface, unlike traditional towing, which lifts two wheels above the ground.

Flatbed towing also reduces the risk of harming a 4×4 or AWD’s sensitive gear, brake, and axle systems.

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