Everything You Need to Know About Accident Recovery Towing Services

a car being towed on a flatbed.

A regular towing operation is quite common on the roads, but what is more uncommon is a special or accident recovery towing service. Accidents that result in a massive collision or vehicles going off-road require assistance from experts with significant experience and top-notch machinery.

Not knowing what to do can lead to confusion, especially in a difficult situation on a highway or at night. Therefore, you must know a reliable and round-the-clock emergency towing service that can come to your assist immediately. 

Let’s take a look at the various types of accident recovery towing services and why you should know someone who can provide you with prompt and cost-effective assistance.

Light-Weight Car Recovery

Common cars, such as passenger vehicles, require a lightweight accident recovery towing service for immediate, safe, and secure removal from the incident location. Rescuing a vehicle that has gone off-road or caused an accident on the highway requires experienced professionals and state-of-the-art machinery. You may need light vehicle accident recovery towing services for the following:

  • Flat tires or blowouts
  • Breakdowns
  • Dead batteries

Heavy-Duty Vehicle Towing

The primary difference between light and heavy-duty recovery is the type of vehicle and the weight being towed or recovered. Large vehicles are more susceptible to accidents because they require drivers to exert a lot of control. Sometimes, accidents can happen, and any unusual movements can cause the truck or trailer to roll over or go off-road.

It can become increasingly complex to remove them from the area of the incident. It requires specialized accident recovery towing services to ensure their safety. Vehicles such as heavy buses, specialist trucks, campervans, tractors, trailers, or RVs can’t be recovered using a standard tow truck. It requires experience, special tools, and adequate training.

Getting Accident Recovery Towing Services

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