Emergency Roadside Assistance: How to Stay Prepared for Unexpected Vehicle Breakdowns

A red car on a countryside road

According to some estimates, there are as many as 189,000 vehicle breakdowns in the US every day. That makes up to 69 million vehicle breakdowns in a year!

Fearing that your car or truck may break down does not and should not prevent you from taking out your family for a long drive, or stop you from hauling cargo. However, knowing what to do in case you ever need roadside assistance can help you in keeping yourself and every passenger in your vehicle safe, calm, and patient.

In this blog today, we discuss some of the most important tips for all drivers to help them prepare for unexpected vehicle breakdowns. So before your emergency towing service comes to your rescue, here are the steps you should take.

Know the SOPs

We know you were having a perfectly good day before your vehicle broke down in the middle of somewhere. And we understand that this sudden situation can cause you to panic or feel frustrated. The first thing, however, to bear in mind is that you must keep your nerves in control and follow the SOPs for your safety and those in the vehicle with you. This includes taking the vehicle off the road, turning on hazard lights, setting up safety triangles, and wearing a safety jacket in case you step out of the vehicle to check it.

A driver’s hand on the steering wheel

Understand the Causes

A few of the common reasons for a vehicle’s breakdown include fuel shortage, battery problem, or flat tire. Once you have taken the vehicle off the road safely, inspect it to find out the possible cause of the breakdown. In case of a flat tire, you can get back on the road quickly by utilizing the essentials in your car emergency kit. If you run out of fuel, then don’t worry because there are fuel delivery services in Glendale that can help you out. However, for major car problems, you may need the help of a towing service to move your car.

There Are Many Options

We cannot iterate this enough that panic will never help if you need roadside assistance. Keep your mind calm, and once you have figured out the cause of your vehicle’s breakdown, utilize one of the options that works best for you. But if you’re unable to find out the cause of the breakdown, you can still get a vehicle towing service to help you reach the nearest mechanic or gas station.

A man in a white shirt next to a white car

Call for Help

If you’re a solo traveler, are stranded in a remote area, or are unable to figure out why your vehicle broke down, we suggest you immediately call for help. You can contact a tow truck company in Glendale or inform 911 of your situation if you feel any threat. In any case, sit in your car with the hazard lights on till help arrives at your location.

Rely On Car Emergency Kit

Whether you’re driving your personal car or a heavy-duty vehicle for hauling goods, always have an emergency car kit with you. This kit should include a mobile charger/power bank, flashlight, some non-perishable snacks, water, and an emergency jacket. Make sure to use this emergency kit while you await roadside assistance.

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