Common Towing Scams And How To Avoid Them

a car loaded on a flatbed tow truck

Towing scams can waste your time, effort, and money. If a tow truck comes towards your broken-down vehicle a few moments after your accident, don’t fall for it. It may seem as if help has come from the divine; however, it’s more likely a scam or fraud. So, be aware and alert. You’ll be in a vulnerable space, and the scammers may use that to their benefit.

Here we’ll discuss some common towing scams. This will help prepare you before your accept help from any emergency towing services.

Hidden Costs In Payment Plans

If your towing company is charging you more because of the time of day, weather conditions, road conditions, or type of vehicle, there is something fishy. Many scam towing companies may not disclose their payment plan. You might end up paying a bill containing hidden costs for spare parts, storage, towing per kilometer, and other charges. So, you should always ask for a printed invoice and ask after any miscellaneous charges.

Beware Of “Chasers”

If your emergency tow truck service suggests a nearby local storage garage or mechanic, try not to follow their lead. These drivers are also known as “chasers” because they get their commissions from these shops. And most of the time, these shops are not covered under your car insurance. So, you might end up paying for the repairs all by yourself,  costing you a fortune. So, always check in with your insurance company about the shop.

And always keep your insurance information to yourself so it can’t be used against you.

a man leaning against a tow truck

Problem Exaggeration

If your car has broken down, you may not know what the problem is initially. So, naturally, you would call for roadside assistance services. So, when they come to check your car and see that you don’t know anything about car maintenance problems and issues, they might take advantage of you.

So, ask for itemized bills and check the local municipality for company originality and business registration.

They might even try and exaggerate a problem that may not be there. However, you’ll end up paying hundreds of dollars for it.

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Now that you know how you can protect yourself against towing scams, you can be more prepared in case of an emergency.

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