For these companies, every day seems to be a new test, as vehicles that might require their services vary in shape and size, often trapped in difficult locations.

The work of such companies becomes incredibly difficult, when they have to deal with extreme weather conditions. However, the best towing companies are prepared for the worst case scenarios at all times. For that reason, they’re equipped with different auto wreckers. Let’s take a look at some of these:

Sling Type Auto Wrecker

In the past, sling type auto wreckers were quite common. Many towing companies might still be seen using them but due to their old school build, they’re quite inconvenient for today’s vehicles. As the name suggests, they use hooks and chains in order to suspend the vehicle in the air however, there was always a risk that they might cause damage or scratches to the vehicle.

In addition, these auto wreckers aren’t used for all types of vehicles for instance they’re not a good option for four-wheel drive vehicles.

Boom Auto Wrecker

These are ideal for pulling out vehicles stuck in difficult areas. Boom Auto wreckers are often used in rough environments such as snowy areas and mountains. These wreckers aren’t gentle in any way to the vehicle in question, but they’re able to get the job done.

Wheel Lift Auto Wrecker

These auto wreckers are the most broadly used tow trucks in the world. There towing mechanism is pretty simple with their wheel lift. The clamps form these tow trucks are attached to the vehicle’s driving wheels which then slightly rises up the vehicle to allow free movement.  These auto wreckers are commonly seen with the local authorities, as they can move all sorts of vehicles.

Flat Bed Auto Wrecker

These hydraulically operated auto wreckers are quite common in modern towing companies. They’re used in all sorts of environments, and are able to easily transfer stranded vehicles without damaging them. They’re the best option available for towing and transferring expensive vehicles, as the bed is tilted to create a ramp for them.

They’re also ideal for slightly damaged vehicles which can be pulled or driven on the trucks ramp easily. The hydraulic systems in these auto wreckers require expensive upkeep; therefore, services of flat bed auto wreckers are comparatively more costly than other towing options.

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