If you’re looking for a tow truck company to serve your needs, here are some factors you should consider:

Flatbed or Wheel-Lift Tow Truck?

Not all tow trucks are the same. Get answers to crucial questions like what type of tow truck does your vehicle actually require. While wheel-lift tow trucks have been around for a long time, in most circumstances, a flatbed tow truck is a better option, especially if you’re travelling long distances.

Flatbed trucks minimize the stress placed on vehicles and instead place the larger fraction of stress on the tow truck itself. This makes it considerably safer to move your vehicle around. Ensure that your towing company’s fleet meets your needs.

Range of Automobiles Service

The mark of a reputable towing company is the different types of automobiles they service. When surveying your options, check the company’s towing capabilities and resources. Some can only tow small passenger cars and can’t help you if your heavy-duty vehicle gets stranded.

Imagine the frustration you’d feel if you got into an accident and then found out your towing company doesn’t cater to commercial trucks or motor cycles.

Your Insurance Cover

Before you call a tow truck company—or preferably as soon as possible—contact your insurance company and ask them what their insurance coverage is. Some insurance policies cover even towing services, while others leave you to cater to them.

In addition, choose towing companies that are certified businesses. This is proof that the company has the legal rights to offer their services to you.

Company’s Track Record & Experience

This goes without saying, but it’s important to know what the track record of your candidate is like. A positive record speaks volumes about the quality of service the company offers and how it deals with its customers after.

If the staff has years of experience in this field, you’ll benefit from hassle-free road-side assistance and towing services.

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