After you’ve requested for a truck tow, don’t just wait around. Here is some roadside etiquette you should be following.

Move Your Vehicle To The Side

If your car can be safely driven, move it far away from moving traffic. This seemingly simple action will save you a lot of money in car-collision repairs. It’ll also help the tow truck driver to position the truck next to your car so it can be quickly towed.

Turn On Your Hazard Lights

The hazard lights button is typically situated close to the steering column and dashboard. Turning it on will indicate to tow truck drivers, police and other cars that your vehicle is currently out of action.

At night time, there’s less visibility and if you’ve turned on your hazard lights, other drivers will easily spot your vehicle.

Organize Your Vehicle’s Paperwork and Valuables

The first thing you’ll need once your tow truck arrives is your vehicle’s registration. Locate your driver’s license and insurance information in advance too. It’ll save you the embarrassment of fumbling around in the glove compartment for these documents.

Your stranded vehicle is creating a hindrance for others and the tow truck driver will want to wrap things up quickly. So gather up your valuables and other necessary belongings before they arrive.

Bonus Point: Set Up Safety Triangles

If you have this, place reflective road triangles around your parked car. The ideal distance is ten feet from it. Road markers like these warn other drivers of a broken-down car ahead and that they should steer clear of it.

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