Your first instinct would tell you to get out of the car and take a look at the engine. However, this isn’t always the smart move. The first thing you should be concerned about is your safety. You could be mugged by a passerby or worse, you could be hit by an oncoming car.

Before you start fixing your engine or calling a towing truck for help, here are some things you could do to ensure your safety:


As soon as you notice that your engine has failed and your car is slowing down, you should switch on your hazard lights. This allows other drivers to move out of your way and prevent a collision.

The hazard light button is the one with a red triangular symbol on it near the steering wheel.

Move to Side

You must never bring your car to a complete halt in the middle of the road. While your car is still moving, you should immediately move to the side.

Move completely off the road if it is possible, as it will allow you to exit the vehicle easily and provide more room for the towing truck to tow your vehicle.

Exiting Safely

If you are still on the hard shoulder, then it is always safer to exit your car from the side that is not facing oncoming traffic.

Before exiting, ensure that you collect all your essentials, such as cell phone, wallet, car documents and sunglasses. You must also retrieve any item from the car which may need while your car is at the service shop.

Contacting the Tow Truck

It is always a good idea to call a towing service immediately, even when you don’t exactly know what the problem is. Depending on your location, the towing service will take some time to reach your spot, so it is better to call them at once.

Make sure that you ask the license plate number of the towing truck that is being sent your way. This will help you verify the legitimacy of the towing truck and avoid scammers.

Triangles and Flares

Before you move on to your car engine, place triangles or set up flares at least 30 feet away from your vehicle. This will help oncoming cars steer clear from you.

It is also important to be on your guard. Don’t let any stranger inside your vehicle to test your engine, even if they seem like a Good Samaritan. If you can’t fix the engine on your own, it is better to just wait for the towing truck to arrive.

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