Not all companies follow standard procedures for towing away vehicles. This is dangerous because towing the vehicle improperly can cause more damage to your vehicle. Take a look at some of the ways you can ensure that doesn’t happen to your car.

Choose the Right Towing Company

Always do your research before hiring a towing company. You can get all the information you need on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Read the reviews of the company and see what customers have to say about them.

Next, visit their website and see what other services they offer. Towing companies offer a wide range of additional services which include roadside assistance and accident removal.

Towing is a specialized service and it requires specialized equipment and tools. Therefore, choosing the right company is essential.

Opt For a Flatbed Truck

There are different kinds of towing trucks. There’s the hook-and-chain tow truck, integrated tow trucks, wheel-lift tow truck, and flatbed truck.

Hook-and-chain tow trucks are commonly used for towing cargo. They were used commonly in the past, but apply a lot of pressure on the vehicle being towed, because of which they’re not a good option.

Integrated tow trucks, on the other hand, are used for heavy-duty purposes.

Wheel lift tow trucks are similar to hook-and-chain trucks, except that they have a metal yoke instead of chains. This yoke can cause damage to the vehicle if not handled carefully.

Flatbed trucks are the most popular choice of tow trucks these days. They consist of an empty bed with a flat top. Hydraulics are used to move the flatbed up and down. You simply need to drive the vehicle up the ramp or have the car pulled up to tow it. Due to this, flatbed trucks are considered to be the safest of all options. The vehicle remains unaffected by road conditions on the way to the garage.

Check the Towing Capacity against Car Weight

If your car is too heavy for the towing truck, it can lead to all kinds of problems in transit. For example, on an inclined surface, the tandem can topple. The excess weight can also damage the towing equipment.

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