If there’s one thing that people don’t know about tow trucks it’s the diverse range and types of tow trucks out there. Let’s take a look at some of these:

Integrated Tow Truck

These are specialized trucks, which are used for heavy-duty purposes. What this means is that they are used for transporting rigs and buses etc.

These trucks have additional axles, which provide them with stability and strength. Furthermore, the trucks arm is also embedded in the truck’s core.

Flatbed Truck

These are the most common type of tow trucks that you see on roads. They consist of an empty bed with a flat top. Hydraulics allows it to move up and down.

The reason why these trucks are so popular is that you can use hydraulics in order to drive the vehicle up the ramp. You will often see larger vehicles like boats being transferred on these trucks.

Wheel Lift Trucks

The mechanism used by these trucks is in many ways similar to that used by hook and chain trucks. What separates the two is that wheel lift trucks use a metal yoke instead of hooks and chains.

A benefit of the metal yoke is that it reduces the likelihood of the vehicle getting damaged while it’s being transported. The yoke is attached under the rear or front wheels, which are then, suspended using a pneumatic hoist or hydraulic lift.

It’s true that this option is not as safe as the flatbed tow truck but on the positive side, it’s comparatively cheaper.

Hook and Chain Trucks

In the past, these were quite popular (until flat bed trucks replaced them). The reason for decline in their popularity was the fact that they put a lot of pressure on the vehicle.

As the name suggests, they use hooks and chains in order to suspend the vehicle in the air however, there was always a risk that they might cause damage or scratches to the vehicle.

In addition to that, these trucks are not used for transferring all kinds of vehicles for example they are not a great option for vehicles, which have a four-wheel drive.

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