In addition to the fact that it ruins all of your plans, you might also get stranded in the middle of nowhere for a couple of hours with no help. Therefore, it’s better to prevent this problem from occurring in the first place.

In order to do so, you’ll first need to familiarize yourself with the reasons due to which vehicles break down in the first place. Some of the reasons include:




Car batteries don’t last forever. Experts suggest that you should get it replaced after a few years however, we all have busy schedules and the last thing on our mind is keeping a check on the car’s battery.

If you notice that the interior lights are dim and you face trouble in starting the car, you need to get the battery checked immediately.

In addition to that, there are certain things that you need to avoid. For example, make sure you always switch off the car lights as soon as you exit the vehicle since that can drain the battery.

Overheated Engine

Overheating is a major problem during summers. This is because the high temperature puts a lot of strain on the engine. In order to prevent this problem, switch off the air conditioner and blast the heat when the vehicle is not in immediate use.

Once the car has cooled down, check the condition of the radiator. If it‘s heating up despite the water level in your car being sufficient, you’ll have to get it repaired.

Broken Belts

Belts are responsible for making the internal components of the vehicle move. Therefore, they need to be in good condition. In case they break, your car overheats and this can lead to engine damage.

Blown Out Tires

There’s a reason why people always tell you to keep an eye on the condition of the tires before starting your journey.

It’s unlikely that the tire’s going to last for long if it’s deflated. Furthermore, you’re only putting yourself at risk by driving with tires in a poor condition since it can lead to a blowout which subsequently may result in an accident.

Empty Gas Tank

In addition to tires, you also need to make sure that the gas tank is full. Don’t take any risks at all. Refill the gas when you reach a gas station since you never know how far the next one might be.

Also, make sure that you inspect the condition of the fuel pump. Sometimes that’s the reason because of which your vehicle might be consuming too much fuel.

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