In the unfortunate event of an accident, you need the services of a reliable towing company to get your vehicle back on track.

Out of the host of options available for towing services, flatbed tow trucks stand out among the rest with their efficient design and capability of towing any vehicle with ease. Their ability to withstand heavy weights makes them ideal to tow heavy vehicles to a nearby repair shop in case of a break down.

Here are a few reasons to use flatbed tow trucks for your vehicles when they require a tow.


Traditional trucks—with chain and hook—increase the risk of damaging your vehicle as they pull the vehicle by lifting its front wheel off the road. This poses a threat to the vehicle’s tires, bumper and engine during transportation.

A flatbed tow truck differs from a traditional tow truck in that the former uses a flat surface to place the damaged vehicle. This way, it prevents your vehicle’s tires from wear and tear during transportation.

2. Versatility In Functionality

Traditional tow trucks tow truck services have a limited range of the type of vehicles they can transport. Flatbed tow trucks, on the other hand, can transport all types of vehicles as long as they fit on the flatbed. In this context, flatbed tow trucks are perfect for towing exotic vehicles, trucks, cars and SUVs. They can also transport low-height vehicles such as motorcycles.

3. Damaged Vehicles

In serious road accidents, your vehicle may be totaled. Transportation of such vehicles on a traditional tow truck is a challenging task. Flatbed tow trucks—with their flat surface for vehicle placement—can transport all vehicles no matter how badly misshapen they are.

4. Convenience In Usage

A flatbed tow truck provides ease in transporting any vehicle compared to its other counterparts. For example, using a dolly would require you to take additional steps to prevent your vehicle from transmission damage, such as removing your vehicle’s drive shaft. Such requirements are not necessary while using flatbed towing services. Vehicles can be easily placed on the ramp of a flatbed truck and secured in place before transportation.

5. Most Efficient Option

Flatbed tow trucks allow the vehicle’s tires to remain stationary during transportation. This makes these trucks the best option for vehicles that can’t afford running their tires during towing.

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